We continue our round up of the week’s local news from the Fethiye area.

Illiteracy Tackled

We reported some time ago on the provision to teach illiterate adults, the majority of them women, to read and write. 

In the 2009 – 10 academic year six courses for adults ran after hours in local schools, and a total of 84 adults received certificates at the end of the year proving that they could now read and write. 

In the current academic year there are no less than 91 courses underway with a total of 940 students enrolled. 

But there could still be quite a way to go as the National Office of Statistics report 7,564 illiterate adults resident in Fethiye most of them older women.


Colleagues Demand More Effort in Seach for Missing Teacher

Another follow up.  We recently reported the case of the 58-year-old teacher of Turkish, Cazim Uzuneminağaoğlu, who went missing on 21st January leaving his car parked near the sea with all the doors open. 

He still hasn’t been found, and this week his colleagues from the Teachers’ Union held a press conference at the Cultural Centre to demand more effort be made to locate him.  

Teachers held large photographs of Cazim alongside banners, asking local security authorities why he has not yet been found. 

In response they were told that police divers have searched the bay, and jandarma have been out with their tracker dogs, so far to no avail.

We’ll keep you posted.


Severe Weather Not as Bad as Expected

The weather was in the news this week and not because of last Saturday’s major storm which kept attendance at the choral concert on the low side. 

Local meteorologists issued severe weather warnings of heavy rain with thunder and lightning for Thursday but, having experienced the storm on the previous Saturday, we felt Thursday’s was a damp squib by comparison.


Local Ports Welcome Turkish Evacuees From Libya

And on a national level the news has been full of the evacuation of Turkish citizens from strife-torn Libya. 

Ships carrying evacuees have docked in Marmaris and Datça, and several planes have brought refugees into Dalaman. 


Golden Arches celebrate McSilver Anniversary in Turkey

Meanwhile McDonald’s is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the opening of its first branch in Turkey. 

There are now 157 McDonald’s across the country employing almost 4,000 people and serving 80 million orders per year. 


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