They could not have picked a worse evening weather wise for a concert in Fethiye but it was great all the same.

A couple of hours before the 8pm planned start the storm kicked in.

Thunder and lightning raged and the heavens opened.

Despite that some hardened concert goers did make it to the Cultural Centre to hear a superb hour of choral music.

Fethiye Cultural Centre must be the only indoor venue in the world where the sound of rain on the roof interferes with the acoustic.

But the Antalya State Choir rose above it and entertained us in royal style.

We are pleased to report that about half of the audience was foreign residents, which to us seems to say that classical music is an area of culture that transcends boundaries.

Cynics might add that we Brits are used to fighting our way through appalling rain to get to such events.

Perhaps we can have more such concerts in the not too distant future?