We continue our round up of the week’s local news from the Fethiye area.

Lives after Death

Early in the week a 19-year-old who had been involved in an accident on his motorbike, had his life support systems turned off, and his organs harvested for transplant. 

A team from a university hospital in Izmir flew into Fethiye to harvest the organs and his heart, liver, corneas, pancreas and kidneys, were then taken to various hospitals in Izmir and Antalya for transplant. 

The doctor in charge of the operation told press that the youth, Numan Zor, had given new lives to six people after his family agreed to donate the organs. 

He said this was the first such organ donation in Fethiye this year and more were needed.

Almond Blossoms

Apparently spring is early and here already, at least according to local press. 

This week they wrote about almond trees blossoming in Kayaköy and temperatures hitting 20 degrees even though it is only February. 

We still think March could be cold and rainy so are reserving judgement on early spring.

University Expansion

Muğla University wants to create a new faculty in Fethiye. 

There have already been several meetings to decide where there is suitable land, and exactly which faculty should be developed. 

At the most recent meeting held this week it was announced that Göcek has land available for a Tourism Faculty; Üzümlü Council is offering land for a Faculty of Teaching and Languages; Seki has space for a Sports Academy and Eldirek would like to give a home to an Agricultural Faculty. 

Also Councils in Kemer and Karaçulha have spare land sufficient to house a new faculty, and they don’t mind what subject(s) it offers. 

So now the powers that be are spoilt for choice and a whole new round of meetings has been set up – we’ll keep you posted.

Kale Park Restaurant Demolished

And Kale Park restaurant, the first to offer a cheap and good Sunday carvery in Fethiye, was demolished this week. 

Apparently it was pulled down because it was built without planning permission, but the Council built it so how could they make such a mistake? 

We leave you to supply your own answers to that question.


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