We continue our round up of the week’s local news from the Fethiye area.

I Can Hear Music

If you heard Turkish rock music coming from the Belediye public address system on Tuesday and wondered what was happening, we shall enlighten you. 

The 8 February was the anniversary of the death of Cem Karaca, a very famous Turkish singer, so they played three of his hits in his memory on what was the seventh anniversary of his death. 

Apparently they did the same for Barış Manço (Yes the same name as the road in Calis), another Turkish musician/singer who died some years ago, on the last anniversary of his death but that didn’t make the local press so we didn’t know. 

And yes, Barış is immortalised locally in the name of a road in Çalış

Thieves Flee with Flag

This week the large Turkish flag which flies on the castle above town was stolen. 

And it is large – some 150m long – so keep your eyes peeled!

School Reunion

And in a very slow week for news we are reduced to reporting on the reunion of pupils who finished Fethiye Middle School in 1971. 

Apparently they came from all over Turkey to see how their old school friends had aged, and everyone enjoyed a meal together at Yakamoz restaurant.

They now plan to hold annual reunions. 


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