We continue our round up of the week’s local news from the Fethiye area.

Council Takes Action on Visual Pollution

The concept of ‘visual pollution’ has reached Fethiye. 

This week the Belediye announced that all billboards and large street adverts which have been put up without their permission, have ten days to be removed by their owners. 

Any remaining at the end of that period will be pulled down by the Zabita. 

If you want to erect such a sign legally you should apply to the Belediye, in writing, for permission.


Air Acrobatic Event Announced

The World Aerial Acrobatics Championship will take place in Ölüdeniz some time in May. 

At the same time the first Turkish Paragliding Acrobatics Championship will also be decided. 

Now we just have to wait for someone to announce an actual date.


Farmers Burn Midnight Oil to Keep Tomatoes Toastie, While School Kids Play in the Snow

The cold snap during the week meant local growers with crops in plastic tunnels were up all night tending stoves to prevent frost damage. 

Victorian gardening techniques are alive and well in Fethiye.

Meanwhile, Turkish schools are on holiday at the moment and apparently families visiting Fethiye have been going up Babadağ so their kids can play in the snow. 

The headline read “Paraglide in the summer, toboggan in the winter”. 

As the press revealed the temperature on top was around minus 13, we think we’ll pass.


Third Stage of Fethiye Promenade Development Taking Shape

The Mayor announced that the third stage of development for the promenade around the Bay of Fethiye was now on the drawing board. 

This will continue the existing scheme as far as the Bird Sanctuary in Çalış.  

As ever, no dates for start or completion of this work were announced.            


Fethiye to get on the International Cycling Map

The local representative of the Turkish Cycling Association announced this week that Fethiye will be home to part of a new international Mediterranean cycle route. 

The route starting in Spain continues through France, Italy, Albania, Macedonia and Greece before the Turkish segment starts in Çeşme near Izmir. 

When completed the route will be 5,800km in total – puts the Lycian Way in the shade. 


And Finally…

Finally another statistical announcement this week from the National Statistics Bureau told us that the population of central Fethiye has risen to 77,237 and when all the surrounding small towns and villages are added in, there are 188,259 people officially ‘belonging to’ Fethiye. 

This makes Fethiye the biggest centre of population in Muğla province. 

It’s official, we’ve got clout!


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