We continue our round up of the week’s local news from the Fethiye area.

Beach Clean Up 

Yet more release of figures for 2010, this time the results of a major cleanup of the beaches and sea along the coast of Fethiye Bay during 2010.

A total of 255,000 kg of ‘solid’ rubbish included cigarette butts, empty bottles and cans (plastic metal and glass) and old newspapers.

However, it also included mobile phones, radios, televisions, tables and chairs and even vacuum cleaners – go figure.

Police Stats

Fethiye Traffic Police also issued their annual figures announcing their patrols had stopped a total of 13,662 vehicles for roadside checks during 2010. 

Of these 10,417 received fines which generated a total of 1.25 million TL – an amazing percentage return.

There were 536 recorded traffic accidents during the year of which 197 caused damage to vehicles/property; 335 resulted in injuries to people and only 4 caused death(s). 

They also stated that at the end of 2010 there were 79,172 vehicles registered in Fethiye and 28,288 motorcycles/scooters.

Teacher Vanishes Reggie Perrin Style

Meanwhile a 58-year-old father of two and teacher of Turkish in Fethiye for the past 19 years, Casim Uzuneminağaoğlu hasn’t been seen since Friday 21 January. 

His car was found, left with doors open, near to the sea and police and jandarma have been working together to find him. 

They have used tracker dogs and involved local fishermen in the search but, so far, to no avail.

Storm Damage

And finally storms on Tuesday, with winds reaching 65km per hour, not only brought down lots of trees but also several minarets – and even more minarets lost their little pointy top bits (there is word for them in Turkish but not in English). 

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