Although most of us think of Turkey in terms of our summer holidays, there is some fantastic skiing to be had in the country, unfortunately for us Fethiye lovers, none of those resorts are close to us, until now?

It’s a great claim to be able to make – skiing in the morning and then swimming and sunbathing in the afternoon. 

Having a ski resort in the vicinity is also a sure fired winner for generating a bit of winter business and so leading on to that all-year-round-resort panacea.

All this excitement is about the ski resort at Eren Dag, near Seki, and a mere hour and fifteen minutes away from Fethiye.

But, despite claims made in November of 2009 that the piste was ‘just waiting for snow’ a keen Fethiye Times reader checked it out and found that it was nowhere near ready for business, snow or no.

(The resort in 2009)

But now, there is a facebook page with photos showing people in skis and on the runs, and a shop with boots, skis and snow boards.  So is the resort finally worth a visit?

We hope so, but we don’t know for sure without some first hand reporting. 

And with rain forecast this weekend in the area it may mean a good fall of snow up in Seki where the air is colder.

So if you’re tempted to go up and have a reccy we’d love to hear from you so we can set the record straight.