Welcome to 2011 and welcome to our first News Snippets of the new year.

Welcome 2011

Firstly a Happy New Year to all our readers – we hope to keep you updated with a roundup of local news on a weekly basis throughout 2011.

Turn Over a New Leaf for 2011

The Fethiye branch of the environmental charity TEMA marked the New Year by launching a new campaign with the slogan “For the New Year don’t cut down trees – plant them”.

To back up their rhetoric they gave away 800 young pine trees in Fethiye on New Year’s Eve – did any reader get one?

Adult Education Benefits Fethiye Area

Whilst Turkey is now a very literate nation as a whole there are still thousands of older people who cannot read or write well, if at all, because they either never went to school, or only attended for a brief time before leaving to help support their families.

Fethiye’s Adult Education Institute is now addressing this problem running reading and writing classes for adults aged 50 – 90, in 43 villages which lie within its wider administrative area.

This week no less than 450 villagers received their Level One literacy diplomas and the work continues.

National statistics claim that there are 7,524 illiterate people in Fethiye: 1,207 men and 6,317 women.

A Cut Above the Rest

A family in Taşyaka celebrated the New Year by having their son circumcised as the clock struck twelve.

Local press reported that the celebrations in Paspatur carried on until almost dawn!

We were long asleep by then so cannot confirm.