A cool 900 TL was raised for the Çalış Children’s Carnvial this Boxing Day.

The warm sunny weather attracted a nice crowd to cheer this year’s Boxing Day splashers who braved the cool sea all in aid of charity.

After the plethora of costumed swimmers last year this year’s Splash was somewhat thin – but the gorgeous sunny day still encouraged hordes of people to fill the bars along the promenade in Çalış.

Organisers weren’t expecting many costumed entrants this year as apparently many regulars were away.  The Hash Harriers contributed to the days takings, and some did their run in fancy dress rather than braving the nippy Med on the day.

Above you see the contestants lined up prior to going into the sea.

The two men in Santa Claus hats and beards with shorts on the left are to be applauded as they were only here on holiday and only found out about the Splash on Christmas Eve.

And here they all are actually in the water with the Committee’s Turtle mascot rising from the deep.

braving the cool sea

The winners were Eric and Mick from Üzümlü who were dressed as Laurel and Hardy.  We hear that, flushed with success, they are already working on next year’s costume idea, (ho, ho ho).

Hot soup and chilled champagne was kindly provided by Dennis the Menace restaurant on the seafront to the participants, and the event attracted a good turnout of spectators and well wishers.