Wrap up warm for our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye and surrounding areas.

Autumn to Winter in One Week

The end of the week turned wet and very cold with temperatures dropping to zero on Sunday night.

That was some change from the unseasonably warm weather experienced in the last few weeks. Earlier in the week the local press went wild with stories of unseasonal activity amongst trees: apple trees were in bloom and a mulberry had fruit on it.

There were photographs as proof. Unfortunately all went by the board as temperatures dropped later in the week.

We feel sure the storms that have been passing over in the last few days have removed all evidence of the flowers and fruit by now!

Stop Smoking Clinic Attendance High

We reported the opening of the ‘Stop Smoking’ clinic within the State Hospital some time ago.

This week it was announced that, in the first three months of its existence, the clinic had seen 522 patients.

They did not report any success rate. Maybe it’s early days yet.

No Change

Remember the ‘Fethiye should be a province’ movement some time ago?

Apparently a team of academics from several universities, have been working for the past year to decide which of eight district administrations, one of them Fethiye, should have the right to become a province.

Alanya came out top, but they didn’t rank the other applicants so we have no idea where Fethiye lies overall.

At least we won’t all have to change our vehicle registration plates!