The festive feeling returned to Çalış, Fethiye last Sunday despite the damp weather.

The heavens opened at 11am, the time the 2010 Fair was due to start, and some stall holders packed up and went home without selling anything.

But they should have stayed as the downpour was short lived and didn’t keep the buyers away.

By the time Santa arrived in the early afternoon there were significant crowds to greet him with his fairy and Snow White.

They handed out sweets from the back of the truck and, as soon as he had taken up residence in his grotto, a long queue formed.

Meanwhile other stalls were doing a roaring trade with all kinds of seasonal goods on offer plus the usual raffles and tombola.

Here’s the Charity’s committee stall.

And the one stall that actually featured a Christmas tree.

Mulled wine was selling extremely quickly given the chilly conditions and, despite the wet start, the Fair can once again been deemed a great success.