We continue our round up of the local news for Fethiye and the surrounding areas.

Those That Can…..

Wednesday 24th November was Teachers’ Day which was celebrated with the laying of wreaths at the Atatürk Memorial on the Kordon, followed by a programme of speeches and performances in the Cultural Centre.

Retired teachers were all invited to attend and the Director of Education thanked them all profusely saying “no one achieves anything in life without the leadership of a good teacher”. Hear, hear say we.

Motive Unknown in Cold Blooded Murder

On Friday 22-year-old Tolgay Tutar, who lived with his parents in the Tuzla district, was awakened at 7.20am by a phone call from Adnan, a friend from his military service.

Adnan apparently said he had to see Tolgay and was duly invited round for breakfast.

When he arrived at the door to be met by Tolgay and his mother, Adnan said he needed a word with Tolgay in private – so mother returned to her breakfast preparations.

Adnan then took out a gun, shot Tolgay in the head killing him instantly, and then ran off.

At time of writing he had still not been found and no-one knows what lay behind the shooting.

Debt Crisis

Earlier in the week, Ramazan Abız, a 30-year-old barber, married with one child, came home from work early saying he didn’t feel well.

He went up to the bedroom and when a friend went to check on him a short while later, he was found to have hanged himself.

Apparently he was worried about debts.

Local Initiative to Stop Smoking with the Click of a Mouse

The Governor of Fethiye, working with the local health authority, this week launched a new clinic to help people stop smoking.

The clinic will be held on dates to be announced on-line, and people wishing to take advantage of its services will be able to book on-line appointments.

Unfortunately the report we read did not give a website address – but when it does appear we shall be sure to pass it on.

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