The date for next years’s Çalış Carnival will be Saturday 28 May and it is hoped that it will be bigger and better than ever.

In order for the popular event to improve and grow there will be changes in the structuring of the organisation and the carnival event will now be headed by the Çalış Association for the Promotion and Development of Çalış with support from Fethiye Belediye.

“We are delighted that the Çalış Association have confirmed said that they would like to take over the organisation of the main event” said 2010 Chairman Peter Clark .

“The Carnival has become much bigger and more complex than we ever thought possible and the workload of organising the carnival event as well as a year-long calendar of fundraising events has become increasingly difficult with our limited resources.

At present the existing Carnival committee is made up of a small group of hardworking volunteers who have little or no real experience at event organisation. We receive no external funding to put on the carnival event and all costs have to be raised from either seeking sponsorship or sheer hard work.

After 3 years we feel that we have achieved the best result that we can given these limitations and if the event is to continue to improve and grow and benefit Çalış and the surrounding area, it is time to for us to seek outside help and for the Turkish business community and local authority to take a bigger part in the organisation and ownership of the main event”.

At the recent Çalış Carnival AGM, a decision was taken to form two new independent committees. One committee will be responsible for organising the Carnival Day/ Weekend event and all of the publicity/sponsorship associated with this event.

This committee will be chaired by Mete Ay, the Chairman of the Çalış Association, and many of the existing volunteer committee will continue to help on this committee. This new committee will meet in early December to elect officers and discuss plans for the Carnival itself.

The other new committee will deal solely with fundraising and will be responsible for organising a year round calendar of events to include the Promises Auction, Christmas Fair, car boot sales, craft fairs and other events.

This committee which has already been formed and will be chaired by Peter Clark, will continue to work legally under the umbrella of FETAV and its main aim will be to raise money for the children in the local area.

The associated charities of Embrace and Animal Aid will continue to be legal, working under the umbrella of this new committee.

Both new committees, although independent of each other, will support each other in their aims and objectives in what ever ways they can and fundraising events will continue to be held in order to compliment the main carnival event itself.

“We think that this clearly definable division of workload and responsibility is the best way forward for both the promotion of Çalış and for raising money for our local children’s charities and we are very happy with the outcome,” said Peter.