We continue our round up of the local news for Fethiye and surrounding villages.

Venice in Peril

You can’t have missed the digging up of streets in downtown Fethiye lately and, if you guessed it is to do with drainage, you are right.

The Council is concerned about the comparisons to Venice made whenever heavy rain falls, so they have started a massive drain cleaning operation – and there’s an added extra.

A pumping system is being installed, so when flooding does occur they can press the switch and the rainwater will be pumped into the sea.

Prime Minister Lobbied About Local Issues

Akif Arıcan, Head of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, had a meeting with the Prime Minister this week at which he presented a report on what are regarded as two vital issues for tourism in Fethiye: the need to restore Kayaköy, and the building of a deep water jetty for cruise ships.

Mr Arıcan told local press the Prime Minister was very sympathetic to the report – we await developments.

A Mark of Respect

And if you were in town on Wednesday, 10th November at 9.05am and wondered what was happening when traffic came to a halt – it was the 72nd anniversary of the death of Atatürk.

Each year the exact time of his death is marked by one minute’s silence all over the country.