We continue our weekly round up of the the local news for Fethiye and surrounding villages.

Boat Yard Blues

And the arguments are still continuing over the creation of the proposed boat building yard and dry dock facilities on Karaot Beach in Yanıklar.

This week the head of the Fethiye Boat Builders’ Cooperative, Bulent Taşan, told local press that it was high time the Mayor made his decision and agreed to the boat builders’ move to Karaot.

Mr. Taşan went on to state:

“There are no loggerhead turtles nesting on that beach, it is not a site of scientific interest, it is not a wetlands nor is it a major resting point on bird migratory routes.” 

We don’t know which planet he lives on but can assure readers that Karaot Beach is all of the things he says it isn’t. 

Our Mayor, meanwhile, assured Mr, Taşan that a decision would be announced in due course. 

We’ll keep you posted.

Tomato Prices Crisis – Light at the End of the (poly) Tunnel

No sooner did we write about the high price of tomatoes last week than the price fell.

Apparently tomatoes can now be found in the markets for 2TL per kilo, and a spokesperson for local growers announced this week that the price would fall even further after the Bayram when mega crops of tomatoes would be ripe in the growing tunnels.

So we survived another crisis – phew!

Torchlit Procession

Friday’s Independence Day (Republic Day) holiday was marked with various events throughout Fethiye during the day, and culminated with a torchlit procession which set off from the Tuesday Market Place at 6.30pm, and walked 2 km before ending in a reception for all participants – or at least those who had lasted the walk!

If you missed it, don’t worry, so did we.

Nor did we see any announcements prior to the event, just comprehensive reporting when it’s all over and done with!

Lucky Escape

The heavy rains (see article Heavy Rain Turns Fethiye into Venice) in the week resulted in various mudslides and falling rock incidents. 

The most dramatic occurred near to the amphitheatre in Fethiye, when a Turkish man parked his car and walked away.

A few seconds later he heard a loud rumbling noise, turned around to look at his car and saw a large rock demolish the front half of his vehicle.

He later said “How lucky that I wasn’t in the car when the rock hit.”

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