We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye and surrounding areas.

Ssshh…Burglary in progress

A small shop in Kemer was hit by burglars in a 3.30am raid which was filmed by a newly installed security camera system.

The Cem Market in Kemer now has a 10-minute film which is apparently worthy of inclusion in ‘You’ve Been Framed’.

Four burglars are seen entering the shop and then, in just 10 minutes, loading cartons of cigarettes, chocolate and other dried goods into sacks with lots of loud whispering and telling each other to ‘Ssshh’, while they bump into each other in the confined space of the shop.

They departed with goods worth 7,000TL and, presumably to avoid fingerprints, took the shop door handle with them.

At the end of the week police were still seeking the culprits….Sssshh.

Taking the Pips

Local readers cannot help but have noticed the rise in tomato prices.

As one local grower told the press this week:

“This time last year you could buy a kilo of tomatoes off the field for 40 kuruş, now you’d be pushed to find single tomato for that price.”

In fact tomatoes were selling in the market for as much as 4TL per kilo, and up to 8TL at some shops and supermarkets.

Local growers are pleased with the price rise as they had such a disastrous year last year.

Why has the price rocketed?

It’s a combination of the threat and reality of damage to the crops by a new insect pest.

New stocks of tomatoes won’t be ripe for some time yet so expect the high prices to continue for some time yet.

Date Dessert

Fethiye Council made some local people happy this week, when workers from the Parks Department went around town cutting huge bunches of dates from the Date palms planted in the pavements.

The fruit was given away to passers-by.

The Mayor announced that the trees are public planting hence the fruit belongs to the public – so could he please announce fruit cutting day in advance so we can all go and claim some dates, please?

Hash Hound

And our favourite sniffer dog Strawberry hit the news again this week when she found a quantity of hashish, already split into small amounts for sale, hidden in a car.

The car was illegally parked on Atatürk Caddesi and when police ran the registration it turned out the owner was someone they had been looking for, for some time.

They duly broke into the car to find an unregistered pump action shotgun together with lots of ammunition and a döner kebab knife (a long sharp sword like knife).

Then Strawberry arrived and found the drugs to add to the haul.

A man is now in custody.