We continue our weekly round up of the local news.

Mexican ‘Solo’ Paraglider Injured

A Mexican paraglider, Jorge Rivas, 32, broke his right arm and left leg when he fell shortly after taking off from Babadağ this week.

He was rescued and taken to the State Hospital where his condition was reported as good.

Rivas said the fall was caused when he became confused after finding himself in fog following his takeoff.

Weather Change

Autumn hit the area on Friday with temperatures falling and strong winds blowing.

Further up the coast high seas and rain were reported but Fethiye and area stayed dry and clear if not a bit chillier than normal.

The cooler weather continued through the weekend.

One Tourist Dies and One Injured in Two Separate Paragliding Accidents

An unamed British passenger was injured and and an Iranian man died in serparate paragliding incidents this weekend.

The British person was with a pilot in a tandem flight when they crashed some 15 metres from the beach.

The 37 year old Iranian, presumably a solo pilot, was reported as falling 50 metres into the sea after strong winds caught his parachute again near the beach.

Custody Battle Bloodshed

A 44-year-old divorced husband and father of three met his ex-wife in the bus station in Fethiye on Monday 4th October 2010.

She had brought their three children with her.

Her ex-husband stated that he wanted custody of the children and, during the ensuing argument, produced a knife and stabbed his ex-wife 3 – 4 times.

She was taken to the State Hospital; he was arrested; there was no information on what happened to the children.

Fethiye Museum Officially Opened after Refurbishment

Directorate of Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay opened the newly refurbished Fethiye Museum on Friday 8th October 2010.

In a speech he said that Turkey was a popular destination for tourists and that he expected 30 million to visit in 2011.

He also added that Turkey with its rich historical sites and museums offers more than just sun, sea and sand for tourists.

Bug Busters Hit Food Establishments

Local Ministry of Agriculture and Council Zabita officials joined forces last week to inspect restaurants and shops in Fethiye serving and selling fish and meat.

They checked various aspects of the operations including the freshness of food, cleanliness of the food preparation areas, food handling procedures and the health of chefs.

No mention was made of any breaches of regulations in the reports.

Consumers are encouraged to report cases of poor food hygiene practices witnessed or cases of food poisoning to the local council who will investigate them.

Race to the Top of Babadag….phew

Babadag mountain above Oludeniz became more than a jumping off point for paragliders when it hosted more than 60 cyclists for a mountain bike climb challenge.

The riders who represented 14 different cycling teams took part in the Babadag Hill Climb Challenge to see who could get up to the top of the 2,000 metre mountain first.

The event was part of the 2010 calendar of mountain bike events staged by the Turkish Cycling Federation.

Lykian Way Hosts Ultra Marathon

Another tough sporting event starts this week. The world famous Lycian Way walking route will be the focus for an ‘Ultra Marathon’.

Participants will run from Fethiye to Kemer, Antalya following the mountain tracks and roads of the Lycian Way.

The event will cover 16 days and each day will challenge the runners with stages of varying distance and intensity.

Specialist medical and other support teams will be on hand to keep the runners fed, watered and safe.

Enduro Rider Hand Op Success

Timo Virtanen is a Finnish motorcycle Rider who took part in the recent Enduro races in Fethiye. Apparently he injured his hand seriously when he was involved in a car accident whilst driving towards Oludeniz a few days after the race.

He was taken to the Fethiye State Hospital but was later referred to a specialist hospital in Antalya for where a complicated but successful treatment was completed.

The event hit the headlines this week because the doctor who operated on Mr Virtanen’s hand from the Antalya hospital issued a press release about the successful work he had carried out on the patient.

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