We continue our weekly round up of the local news.

Weekend Stayed Dry

Earlier in the week the weather forecast suggested that it would be a wet weekend.

Luckily the wet weather front changed direction and stayed over mainland Greece and some of the Greek Islands with Fethiye and area staying dry.

Sunday did see some cloud cover during the day that did take the heat off the late September sun.

The picture above shows the sun rising over Gocek Bay on Sunday morning.

Back to School

As we mentioned last week the schools opened after their long summer break last Monday.

A total of 39,600 students were recorded as attending school/vocational training for the 2010-11 academic year in the Fethiye area.

In many schools the older pupils welcomed the new starters with flowers.

No Asylum in Turkey for Illegal Immigrants

Yet another boatload of illegal immigrants was seized by the Coast Guard just outside Fethiye Bay after it had set out for Europe.

The 26 people travelling on the boat without passports comprised 16 Turks, 6 Burmese, 3 Palestinians and one Afghani.

One of the Palestinians, an 86-year-old woman, said she could no longer live with the daily bloodshed in her own country, and wanted to die in a place where there wasn’t a war.

The passengers were all detained, interviewed, photographed and finger printed before arrangements were made to return them to their countries of origin.

Life’s a Meal

A European-funded educational project began in Fethiye when the local Hospitality and Catering College started work on a two-year project to raise the profile of Turkish cuisine in other EU countries.

Students at the Fethiye college will meet and work with their contemporaries from Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria and Italy during the two year life of the project with the aim of sharing knowledge of each other’s cuisines.

The ‘Life is a Meal’ project could lead to some changes on Fethiye menus, maybe?