Our weekly round up of the local news continues.

Fethiye said ‘No’ But Turkey ‘Yes’

The national referendum on changes to the constitution held recently, may have produced a ‘Yes’ result overall, but in Fethiye it seems the majority voted ‘No’.

In fact 58.3% of those who voted here were against the changes.

Nationally ‘No’ votes were in the majority in the major cities and along the developed areas of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

However, as ever in this country, the huge numbers of inhabitants with limited education and life experience, who live in central and eastern Anatolia, carried the day with their ‘Yes’ votes.

Girls Kidnapped in the Mountains

This week news broke of a kidnapping in Boğalar village.

Apparently Hacer Türkmen, a final year Lise student, went to evening prayers in the local mosque on 29th August with her grandfather, Hasan.

As they began walking home from the mosque a car pulled up beside them, three people got out and started hitting Hasan while forcing Hacer into the car at gun point.

Her father, Ramazan Türkmen, reported the incident to the police in Fethiye, giving the names of the people he believed to be responsible and the registration of the car they used.

He also said four girls in total had been kidnapped from the village over the past two weeks.

We hope they are soon recovered and returned to their families.

Eight people Injured at Engagement Party Shooting

At an engagement party held in the playground of Karaçulha School on the outskirts of Fethiye a man emerged from behind a tree and fired a hunting gun into the crowd of people celebrating.

He fired four times, injuring eight people and was later arrested by police.

The eight injuries were all minor and all the victims were sent home following emergency treatment at the State Hospital.

And Finally….

A 44-year-old man was arrested and police seized 25kg of hashish and an unlicensed gun in Fethiye at the end of the week.