Born three months prematurely, with life threatening problems, young Lance Wood is now a happy 3 year old on the road to recovery. His parents are finding unusual ways to say ‘thank you’ to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Birmingham parents Maggie Wood and John McNamara paraglided from Babadağ Mountain in Ölüdeniz on Tuesday 14th September.

They flew from the 1,988m mountain with Ikarus pilots Aziz and Huseyin, landing safely on the promenade to loud applause from friends and family.

Both thought the experience was wonderful and said they would love to do it again.

The sponsored jump was in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital in which their son Lance has to thank for his road to recovery after being born with a condition that restricted the growth of his internal organs.

The family say that because of the doctors skills Lance’s prognosis is now good and he should eventually be able to lead a fully active life.

As a way of saying thank you to the hospital, doctors and staff who saved their little boy and every day help other children with life threatening problems, Maggie and John are now working hard to raise money for urgently needed equipment.

Maggie said, “The equipment the hospital needs is really vital to help babies and children and every penny we can raise helps us achieve that goal.”

They have already organised various events in the UK including raffling footballs signed by Aston Villa and Birmingham City and a balloon race.

But whilst in Ölüdeniz for a fortnight’s holiday with niece Mary Karagüzel they decided to embark on a much more adventurous way to raise money: a sponsored flight from the famous Babadağ.

Maggie, Lance’s mum landed perfectly from her paragliding debut, released herself from the harness and with a huge grin on her face ran over to her little boy to scoop him up into her arms.

“The flight was really amazing. We did loads of aerobatics too,” she said, adding that, “The worst bit was driving up the mountain in the truck.”

John admitted that for him, “jumping off the mountain to take off” was scary for both insisted but that it was an amazing experience.

They don’t yet know how much money they will raise from their jump but for anyone who wants to contribute please visit or Facebook group, Lance’s fundraising.