Our friends the Oludeniz Yarenler, or the Brits of a certain age who sing and dance in Turkish much to the amazement and respect of Turkish people all over the nation, are off on their travels again this weekend.

The group are still in high demand around Turkey no doubt boosted by their recent performance at a festival headlined by no other than Turkish superstar Tarkan.

Up until last week though they thought they were going to Edremit, north of Izmir to perform in another fruit/veg/drink related festival.

However, as is the way in showbiz, that has all changed and they are now going to Kalecik, north of Ankara which is famous for grapes and wine.

On hearing the news, and that vino collapso could be on the cards, the Brits soon forgot about the change of plans and started researching all about the area.

They found that Kalecik Karasi is the grape type famous in this area and that it apparently grows best by the side of the Kizilirmak river.

And, if it is moved away from the area, it loses its local character as has been found when some vines were taken to Denizli. The wine produced there has a character of its own.

Many of the large wine companies use the grape, notably Kavaklidere, Sevilen and Kyra but perhaps the most ubiquitous label is DLC.

There are historical sites and a famous bridge over the river, however, we think that the group will be spending much of their non-performing time sampling the local produce (hic), all in the name of furthering their education and international relations obviously!