We continue our round up of the local news.

84 Year Old Scot Breaks Leg on Lycian Way

Yet another accident on the Lycian Way this week when 83-year-old Robert Strachan from Scotland set out to walk the section that runs from Kayaköy with his 80-year-old wife Dorothy.

Robert fell and broke his left leg, but they had the sense to call 112 on their mobile and rescuers found them.

Robert was then carried to the nearest road on a wooden bench, which took two hours.

He was transferred to the Esnaf hospital by ambulance and is now said to be fine.

Celebration for the Boys and Girls in Blue and Black

And this week was not only marked by the Islamic holiday, but 4 – 11 September was also National Zabita Week! (Zaibita are the enforcement officers of local councils)

Apparently the Zabita was established 184 years ago in early September, and celebrates its foundation annually during this week.

Apart from a round of required protocol celebratory meetings between senior officials from the local Zabita and all other public sector leaders, Fethiye’s Zabita marked the anniversary by handing out carnations to all and sundry.

Jump Up in Paraglider Numbers

The Mayor of Ölüdeniz announced there has been a 15% increase in the number of paraglide ‘jumps’ from Babadağ this year.

From 1st January to 1st September almost 20,000 jumps took place and, with the public holidays still to come plus the annual air games in October, the Mayor hoped the total number of jumps for 2010 would approach 50,000.

Cliff Top Suicide Attempt Ends in Lucky Escape

Finally 30-year-old Faruk Aldemir, apparently embroiled in marital difficulties, spent the night in his small truck near to Samanlık Cove, Fethiye.

The next morning he phoned his wife to tell her he loved her and, whilst on the phone, drove his truck off the edge of a cliff in an apparent suicide attempt.

The truck landed 50 metres down on rocks, where he jumped out before the vehicle tumbled into the sea.

He was not injured in any way.