Our round up of the local news continues with a paragliding proposal, Fethiye second hand market resumes and preparartions begin for the big Bayram.

Paragliding Proposal

A romantic Turk proposed to his girlfriend as they paraglided from 2,000 metres off Babadağ.

Emre Can Kaya (26) arranged his surprise proposal with the pilots.

Seray, his bride-to-be, later said that she was quite frightened at the thought of jumping off Babadağ, and almost changed her mind about jumping off the mountain, but her pilot assured her she’d be fine so she agreed to do it.

Once they were in the air and floating down to the beach, Emre took a large sign out of his pocket which said “Will you marry me?” Seray said ‘Yes’ and when they landed on the beach he placed an engagement ring on her finger.

All together now………………

Fethiye Secondhand Capital of Turkey

The flea market organised by Fethiye Council on the first Wednesday in each month, since July 2009, has already contributed to Fethiye claiming the title of ‘Secondhand capital of Turkey’.

This week the local press reported that September’s flea market, which comprised 60 stalls, was also visited by significant numbers of tourists.

Will it make the holiday brochures for 2011 we wonder?

Bayram Lashing

The Governor of Muğla announced this week that he had taken appropriate measures to ensure we all have a calm and peaceful Bayram in the week ahead.

Traffic police and emergency health professionals were particular targets of the announcement with the former being urged to be on the alert for safety infringement on the roads, which should be extra busy during the three day public holiday starting on Thursday 9th.

Whilst hospital staff were to be on hand, rather than out celebrating, to cope with the victims of any accidents, and the inevitable emergency illnesses.