Our weekly round-up of the local news contains a chilling story, clean up campaign wins award, EU funds local dance project, the local mayor rescues a sea gull, shooting stars and dervish show.

Chilling End for Husband

The story of the week may already be known to you as it has hit the headlines nationally.

A 35-year-old woman, Güler Eridici, mother of two sons aged 10 and 16, killed her ex-husband, the father of the children.

Despite the fact that they had divorced a year ago, they were still living together in the Foca district of Fethiye.

Neighbours all had tales of loud, violent arguments emanating from Güler’s apartment.

On Saturday 7th August, with the boys away staying with relatives, Güler finally snapped, stabbed her ex-husband and killed him.

She then cut up the body and placed the pieces in a chest freezer and went off to stay with her brother in Esenköy.

Her family noted the distraught state she was in and, by the time four days had gone by, she seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown so they took her to the State Hospital where she told doctors what she had done.

From there the police took over and she is now in custody awaiting trial.

Clean up Campaign Wins Award

And Fethiye was recognised internationally this week when one of Canada’s largest travel agencies, Transat, chose the local project to clean up the coves within Göcek Bay to receive an award.

The project is run by Fethiye branch of the national environmental organisation TURMEPA, and it was recognised within the category of projects which aid ‘Sustainable Yacht Tourism’.

Dance Project Receives EU Funding

And again Fethiye cropped up on the European stage when local dance teaching organisation, Mozaik, was awarded 20,000 Euros for a project which will run for eight months of next year, and involve local dance students in Fethiye working with their contemporaries from Spain and Slovakia.

Shooting Stars

The night sky over South West Turkey was lit up with shooting stars at the end of the week and over the weekend.

The Perseid meteor shower, which occurs every August, was even more impressive this year with plenty of shooting stars visible from the early evening and through out the night.

Whirling Success

Fethiye celebrated the start of the holy month of Ramazan (Ramadan) with a mesmerising show last Wednesday night.

The first to perform were a group of musicians who sang traditional medley of ‘hymns’.

They were then followed by the Dervish who performed their mystical ‘Sema’ (ceremony) of whirling and chants.

Thanks to Stuart Burns for the photo.

Events will be held every on every night during Ramazan on the stage next to the Fethiye House on the promenade.

And Finally…..

The Mayor of Fethiye was walking along the promenade in Fethiye with his family one evening early in the week when he saw a seagull, on the ground, struggling to breathe.

He picked it up and drove it straight to the Animal Welfare Centre, where the vet operated and removed a length of fishing line.

Within an hour of the operation the seagull had regained consciousness and the vet told local reporters: “We shall be releasing the gull in a couple of days.”