Fethiye Council has approved that drummers can take to the streets during the month of Ramazan to help wake people who are fasting during the day.

One of the traditions of Ramazan are the drummers who wander the streets beating their drums in the early hours of the morning to ensure people fasting do not over sleep and miss their breakfast.

Their task was very important before the invention of the bed side alarm clock or mobile phone but now it is more about celebrating the traditions of the holy month.

Generally the drummers will hit the streets from as early as 2:30am and begin broadcasting their irregular low beats that are so effective at waking everyone from their deep sleep. They will move around their area and finish before sun rise.

The drummers are authorised to collect tips for their efforts as they are not paid by the Council but only twice during the month. The drummers must also show their certificate before any money changes hands.

Sleep well!