Our weekly round up of the local news.

Camera Flash Helps Locate Lost Lycian Way Walkers

Drama this week when Steve Whyte (55) and his son Chris (39) both on holiday from Northern Ireland, set off from their hotel in Ölüdeniz to walk part of the Lycian Way.

They left at 07.30 and had done around 4km when they realised the weather was far too hot and humid for the walk, so they turned back.

Unfortunately before they could make much progress they ran out of water and then lost the track.

Chris phoned his mother in the hotel and she alerted the emergency services.

It was just after 8pm when a combination of Jandarma, AKUT (Turkish Search and Rescue organisation) and local villagers began their search.

As soon as it got dark, Chris used the flash on his mobile to show their position and, three hours later, they were rescued.

By then Steve was shivering uncontrollably from a combination of too much sun and lack of water and they were both taken to the State Hospital but later released.

New Section of Lycian Way Under Development

A second Lycian Way also hit the news in an entirely different context this week, when plans were announced to reveal the route of another long distance path connecting Caunos to Antalya.

Apparently this route was constructed by the Romans in the reign of the Emperor Claudius and under the management of the then governor of this region, Quintius Veranius.

Long stretches of the original road still exist, and Antalya University has now secured government funding to undertake research into tracing the complete route of the original road.

A spokesperson for the University said they hoped to restore sections of the path which have disappeared, and eventually offer long distance walkers a choice of the existing coastal Lycian Way or the second inland route across the mountains.

Tourist Numbers Up

Now we are in August the Governor’s office in Muğla has released the tourism figures for the seven months to the end of July.

This year in that period 1.6 million tourists have entered Muğla which is a 13% increase on the same period last year.

Going Nowhere

Fethiye Police stopped what appeared to be a very crowded minibus in Karaçulha only to find it contained between 35 and 40 illegal immigrants from Iran and Palestine who thought they were coming to Fethiye to catch a boat to some country in Europe.

They were all couples with young children and are currently being housed in Fethiye, while it is decided where they go next.