Our weekly round up of the local news.

Local Market Lingo Now English

Kalkan Council claim that one in three of the over three thousand households which constitute the town of Kalkan, are occupied by British residents.

Add to that the vast numbers of tourists currently in the town on holiday and, they say, the official language of Kalkan’s weekly Thursday market is now English.

Fethiye Now the Biggest Town in Muğla

The Governor’s office in Muğla released the latest population figures for the province.

Fethiye is top of the list with 183,184 people.

Note that this includes the inhabitants of all the villages which surround the town and means Fethiye is almost three times as big as the city of Muğla itself which can only muster 61,550 people.

The province as a whole has 802,381 population which can be broken down into 392,292 women and 410,089 men.

Celebration for the Spud

And just as we wrote about the fruit and vegetable festivals held around the nation, and bemoaned the lack of any devoted to potatoes, the village of Bekçiler up in the mountains en route to Antalya, held its first Potato Festival over the weekend.

So that’s another one the professor doing the survey missed.

Council Takes Over Air Games

Kadri Tuğlu who owns the Cloud Nine bar in Ölüdeniz, and has organised the annual Air Games Festival for the past ten years, announced this week that he will not be involved in the organisation of this year’s Games.

Instead Ölüdeniz Council have taken over the organisation of the event which this year is scheduled for 13 – 17 October.

We say well done Kadri for ten years’ hard work and we shall see how this year’s event pans out.