In this weeks round up of the local news three die in chicken shop shoot out, woman dies falling from hotel window, visitor numbers up ahead of annual fast and a popular supermarket loses prime location.

Three Dead in Chicken Shop Shoot Out

On Wednesday afternoon yet another scene from a gangster B movie of the 1950s became reality in downtown Fethiye.

The action took place in a take-away roast chicken shop in the middle of the afternoon, when the previous owner, Ali Şen, arrived to demand money owed to him for the purchase of the business.

The current owner, Ramazan Başyarar, and his son Hilmi, who also worked in the shop, began negotiating with Şen and were quickly joined by two men to whom Şen owed money: Bayram Büyükpabuşçu and Ismail Manav.

Suddenly Şen produced a hand gun and began to shoot, firing a total of 16 bullets – he reloaded in the middle of all this.

By the time he fled the scene in a car, Ramazan and Hilmi were dead, and Bayram and Ismail were rushed to the State Hospital where Ismail also later died.

At midnight that night police tracked down Şen and arrested him still in possession of the illegal handgun.

He spent that night in Ortaca police station cells (for his own safety as family and friends of the deceased were besieging Fethiye Police Station), and appeared in court on Thursday to be charged with three counts of murder.

He is now remanded in custody.

Fatal Fall from Hotel Window

A fatal accident occurred in Ovacık at the end of the week, when a young Turkish woman from Istanbul, on holiday with a group of friends, fell over 30-feet from the window of an apartment.

Gönül Kurt (25) had been staying at the apart hotel for six days and, according to her friends, they had all been enjoying a great holiday.

The friends were woken around 02.00 when she screamed as she fell from the window.

Apparently she had been leaning out of the window to smoke a cigarette when she lost her balance.

The friends rushed her to one of Fethiye’s private hospitals but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Strong Bookings Ahead of Fast

The good news this week came in the announcement that Ramazan, the Islamic fast due to start in early August, had led to an increase in the number of Turkish tourists visiting the area during July. Meanwhile most hotels were fully booked by foreign tourists for August. However, for Turks coming to the area during Ramazan and wishing to fast, hotels were adding special iftar and sahur meals to their menus. Sahur is the middle of the night meal eaten before the day’s fast begins; iftar is the special meal eaten in the evenings at the end of that day’s fasting.

Ramazan begins this year on 11th August and finishes on 9th September.

Supermarket Sweep

The popular downtown Carrefour supermarket located under the Council offices in the centre of town vacated the premises at the weekend.

The lease for the property came up for renewal and in a process of sealed bidding Carrefour lost.

The winner was Migros and they will be opening up in the popular location shortly.

Meanwhile Carrefour have plans to open a new shop in Hisaronu.