A protest march against the Dolphin Park organized by Sule Beder will take place this Friday 2nd July 2010 in Hisarönü and you can find full details in this article.

Sule writes:

A protest march against the Dolphin Park will take place between 17:00 – 19:00 Turkish Hours.

Meeting Point: The roundabout by the Robin Hood Restaurant in Hisarönü at 17:00.

The protest march commences at 17:15.

Please ensure you are there before the march commences.

Rules of the Protest:

1. Everyone who attends the protest should wear all white. You can also buy a “save the dolphins” t-shirts.

2. Please ensure you walk in an orderly fashion.

3. The protest march will take place in “dead silence”. We ask that everyone remains in complete silence until all members of the protest arrive at the Dolphin pool site. We feel a silent march will send a powerful message to the perpetrators of this cruel act. The silence reflects the bleak existence of the dolphins whose lives will be short lived in captivity.

4. When we get to the dolphin park site, we plan for all protestors to form a human chain around the site by holding hands. Ariel photos will be taken.

5. Following this, statements will be given to the press.

6. There will be box to write your thoughts on the current situation and another box to write your thoughts on what you would like to see happen to the dolphins and the dolphin pool site.

7. The protest will end at 19:00 PEACEFULLY.

8. The Jandarma and Police will be present to ensure the safety of the protestors and for reasons such as crowd control. However if anything happens of concern please noltify the nearest marshal who wears a red ribbon on their upper arms. Any disturbances will not be tolerated and will possibly incur severe personal repercussions. The rules and guidelines above have been written for your benefit, please ensure you follow them.

Finally, I hope that this peaceful protest will result in the dolphin’s being moved from the Dolphin pool site.

A suitable solution must be sought in a timely fashion.

I hope this protest will send a message to others who are considering this cruel act, to think twice.

The more people that join the protest, the more pressure on local and national officials to fix the problem.

I look forward to seeing you at the peaceful protest.

Yours Sincerely,

Av. Sule Beder

Attorney-at-Law BEDER LAW OFFICE