We continue our weekly round up of the local news.

Oldest Glider in Town

Frank Page paraglided down from Babadağ this week, and became the oldest person to have ever done so.

Frank is 89 and was a bomber pilot in World War II.

On landing he said he would be back next year and “I’ll paraglide down again when I am 90”.

Flying High

If you noticed lots of kites in the sky this week over Koca Çalış beach and wondered what was happening – it was an annual Kite Festival.

In fact it was the ninth annual Kite Festival organised by Yunus Nadi School with the support of FETAV.

Prizes were awarded in four categories: highest flying kite, prettiest kite, biggest kite and best home-made kite.

Over 100 hundred kites took part in total.

The new Governor of Muğla, Mr. Şahin, paid his first visit to Fethiye this week and told the assembled great, good and members of the press exactly what they wanted to hear.

“We have so many beautiful places in this province: Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are all beautiful in different ways. We must work together to preserve this beauty. Instead of a short, busy tourist season we shall achieve all year round tourism.”

Feud Fuelled Fight

This week’s ‘only in Turkey’ story took place in Çatalarık where the enmity between two neighbouring families, arising from an occasion where the male head of one family accused his counterpart of riding a motorcycle too fast, finally spilled over into a battle.

Of course it started with verbal arguments, then the heads of both families produced pump action shot guns and started firing.

Four people were injured and taken away by ambulance, following which the police arrived to find the battle continuing with weapons such as iron bars, branches and stone throwing.

Reinforcements had to be called out before the one and a half hour incident was finally brought under control, and eleven people arrested.

Police then raced to add additional security to that in existence at the State Hospital.

Investigations are continuing.