Mickey ‘D’s’ and Tesco arrive in Fethiye.

For anyone who has not yet satisfied their Big Mac urges, MacDonalds has been open since last Wednesday, 26th May, and is right downtown just along from where the canal that runs through the Tuesday market place, meets the main bay road.

Right now you can’t miss it as it is still festooned with red and yellow balloons from opening day.

Kipa opens new branch in Fethiye next week. The branch new store will be about the size of 3 and half football pitches and stock 12 thousand products.

The official opening takes place next Tuesday, 1st June at 10am at the store on the main road from the bus station towards Dalaman, at the back of the BP garage called Çangal Petrol.

We are big fans of Kipa (which is Tesco in Turkey – someone already owned the name Tesco here so they became Kipa for their shops in Turkey) and have long bemoaned the fact that Marmaris, with a much smaller population than Fethiye, has had a huge, open 24 hours Kipa since the summer of 2007.

Soon Fethiye will have its very own Kipa and if you want to take advantage of the opening day bargains (bound to be free balloons for the kids) get there for 10am next Tuesday when the shop will be officially opened.