Calis Carnival Day will see an attempt to set an unusual Turkish national record, and, possibly a world record.

Dido and Dodi of Alanya animation company Reclam Turizm will be trying to see how many people they can get to climb inside a giant latex balloon!

At present there is no record set for Turkey but the world record is 29 people.

A notary and the television will be present to record the attempt.

If you would like to take part in this record attempt, Dido and Dodi will be looking for willing volunteers.

The record attempt will take place at approximately 3.00 pm on Carnival Day next Saturday 29 May. But before then they will be performing a special balloon art and animation show at the stage area on the promenade opposite the Harem and Er-oz Restaurants.

They will also be running an interactive balloon workshop within the exhibition area where you will be able have a go at making balloon animals, flowers and figures.

These will then be sold to raise money for the Carnival children’s charity.