Our weekly round up of the local news continues.

Paraglider Buried

Last week we reported on the first accident of the paragliding season in which Ümit Kök, a 34-year-old technician with TV8, was critically injured.

Sadly he later died and was buried in Ankara this week.

New College Gets Go Ahead

Apparently Fethiye has been trying since 1992 to create a custom building for the development of the local Health and Social Care Vocational College.

Finally it is happening, as this week the Governor of Muğla signed the contract for a new building of some 2,240 sq.m at a cost of 1.25 million TL.

The building will be finished for September and the start of a new academic year.

Green Man Celebrations

If you wondered what was going on in Ovacık on Friday, it was the annual Hıdrellez celebrations.

The name comes from ‘Hıdır’ in Turkish, one of many names for the Green Man and the Hıdrellez celebrations are the local of equivalent of traditional May Day festivities with May Queens and dancing which used to happen in UK.

This is the seventh consecutive year that Hıdrellez has been celebrated – and long may it continue.

Lucky Escape for School Kids

And as children in Ovacık were playing games at the Hıdrellez picnic, 14 of their counterparts in Kemer were injured when their school minibus left the road and hit a tree.

In total 19 were slightly injured in the accident caused when the bus strayed onto the loose gravel on the shoulder of the road, and the driver lost control.

They all had a lucky escape.

Developments Continue on Babadağ

The Governor of Muğla visited Babadağ this week to see for himself what progress has been made with work on the access road and facilities at the top.

He told the press that it was vital that this work be completed in order for Babadağ to retain its reputation as Turkey’s best site for paragliders, with facilities that meet international standards.

He said paving of the access road had reduced an hour’s drive up to the launch site to 25 minutes, work had begun on cafeteria facilities and talks were in progress which, he hoped, would finally see a start to construction of the chair lift/cable car.

Green Battle Against Mosquitoes

Fethiye is continuing to green itself, and this week the Belediye hosted a meeting to begin work on ‘alternative’ ways to control mosquitoes and house flies.

At present the Belediye spends 350 thousand TL per year on spraying to eliminate the mosquitoes and flies.

There is already an alternative which is not only much preferable to toxic sprays, but also much cheaper.

A map is drawn up showing breeding places of the insects and these are systematically destroyed, eventually obviating the need for sprays.

This week’s meeting began work on such a map for Fethiye and we look forward to eventually not having to breathe the fumes from the sprayers.