We continue our round of local news.

Jail House Rock

The prisoners in Fethiye’s jail were treated to an entertainment this week when the local Chief Public Prosecutor organised an afternoon of music and folk dancing to raise the prisoners’ spirits.

The Mayor and Kaymakam of Fethiye attended, and were treated to four hours of musical entertainment.

We do hope their spirits were raised as well.

Farmer Falls Foul of Phoney Fine

And there seems to have been a mixup with a local farmer and the Bosphorus Bridge authorities in Istanbul.

The latter are claiming that a tractor, a 1959 model owned by Bayram Ongün who farms in Karaçulha, crossed the Bosphorus Bridge without paying the toll.

Accordingly they traced Bayram via the number plate on the tractor and are demanding payment of an 18TL fine.

Bayram is adamant that he has never been to Istanbul in his life and his tractor is incapable of making the journey.

He says “I’ve only ever seen Istanbul on television.”

His wife adds “That tractor is so old it has problems going round the field, let alone going all the way to Istanbul.”

He is appealing for the authorities to sort out the mess, and is determined not to pay the fine.

Top Ten Tax Payers

And the head of tax collection for Muğla this week revealed the top ten tax payers for 2009 in the province – and three of them are in Fethiye.

Indeed the number one spot went to Fethiye’s Salih Bülbül, who owns a marble quarry and paid just over 225 thousand lira in tax.

Also from Fethiye were number 7, Esat Bakırcı, who sells vehicles and paid 166 thousand lira, and finally number 10, Mehmet Karabulut, who owns hotels and handed over 155.7 thousand Turkish lira.

Kids Celebrate

If you were in town on Thursday and witnessed a very colourful parade of children dressed in national costume, some 2km long in total – well it was all about International Children’s Day which was celebrated on Friday 23rd.

Fethiye has been inviting children from other countries for a few years now and this year a total of 750 kids from Albania, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Greece, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia and Serbia were all in town and lodged with local families.