Our weekly round up of the local news continues.

Tour of Turkey Cycle Race Visits Fethiye

That's the end of the Tour of Turkey 2010. With no flights back to Europe this could be the quickest way back.

The Turkey of Turkey cycle race dominated the local news this week when the riders arrived in Fethiye on Thursday afternoon.

The teams stayed at Lykia World for the night before setting off from Fethiye to Finke the following day.

TRT Television and Eurosport covered the event live and the two camera helicopters provided some stunning aeriel pictures of local landmarks, villages and towns.

Of note were the closeup pictures taken of the high up pidgeon tombs at nearby Pinara, Saklikent Gorge and Kaya Koy.

The Prime Minister of Turkey said in the official Tour Guide,

“The opportunity to present and bolster the image of our country through this event is truly welcome”

In addition to promoting the sports and fitness use of healthy, environmentaly friendly bycyles, this momentous tour will make a significant contribution to our tourism in the long run, due to it being watched in many countries.”

The race ended yesterday in Alanya.

Missing Lykian Way Walker Found

The season is barely underway and already we have had a Lycian Way drama.

53-year-old British Citizen Norman Stewart set off alone from Fethiye to walk 25 days along the Lycian Way.

After 22 days, somewhere near Kemer (the Antalya one), he realised he hadn’t seen any of the distinctive waymarks for some time and was lost.

Luckily he had a mobile phone with him and dialled 112 for help.

A local Jandarma Commandant put together a team of four men who headed up into the mountains, found Norman and guided him down to safety near Kemer.

Norman, needless to say, was very glad to see the Jandarma and very pleased to be rescued.

Dealers Arrested

The local Drugs Squad had a bumper week.

Fethiye Drugs Squad, in a joint operation with their colleagues in Muğla, arrested 7 young men and recovered 1.5kg of hashish.

All those arrested were charged with intent to suppply the drug and are now in custody awaiting trial.

The youngest member of the gang, aged only 17, attended sixth form college in Fethiye and is accused of selling small amounts of hashish to his fellow students in the college.

Other members of the gang are said to have made sales to tourists in Fethiye’s bars and clubs.