This year’s children’s festival, the third such event, will see schools in Fethiye and Göcek host 750 children from 24 different countries.

The festivals main parade will take place on April 22 one day before the National Sovereignty and Children´s Day, an important official Turkish holiday and celebration day that marks the foundation of Turkish Parliament on April 23, 1920.

The cross-cultural event will showcase a range of performances led by students.

For example Indonesia is sending an arts troupe composed of 24 students from the Al Ikhlas School.

They will among others perform five traditional dances, the Pendet dance of Bali, Piring dance of West Sumatra, Satrio Watang dance of Central Java and the Pukat and Kipah dances of Aceh.

The UK will also be represented by a group children from the Isles of Wight assuming the current flight ban is lifted.

Most of the visiting children will stay at hotels while some will stay with families. Of the 750 children coming to the festival 300 will stay at Lykia World in Ölüdeniz, 50 at Majesty Club Tuana in Yaniklar and the rest will stay with local families.

A final celebration will take place at the Lykia World holiday resort near Ölüdeniz on the 28th.