The local Post Office has promised to investigate and resolve the problem of missing post thanks to a mass complaint brought by local expats.

For many expats living in and around Fethiye the postal service is one of the lifelines that helps them to keep in touch with friends, relatives and other back in the UK.

But recently one local resident Anita Aşar found that important letters sent from the UK to her post box in Fethiye were not arriving.

As a long term resident Anita knew that if she was having problems with the postal service then others probably would be too.

So she decided to find out and wrote an open letter that was published on Fethiye Times, featured in the local printed press and on internet forums asking if other residents were missing post.

The letter generated a huge response with over 100 people contacting her not just about missing post but poor customer service too.

Anita along with other concerned residents met with the post office manager recently and presented him with the emails and signatures collected and asked him to take action.

The manager has agreed to carry out a full audit of the postal system from Fethiye back to the UK and promises to improve customer services too.

However, the manager was at pains to point out that any post that is currently missing is unlikely to be traced and delivered.

So thanks to the efforts of people power we should all hopefully start to see some improvements in that essential lifeline – the post.