Our popular round up of the week’s local news in and around Fethiye continues.

Council Budget Cut but Current Projects to be Completed

The Mayor did a major presentation at the Cultural Centre this week attended by all elected councillors, and representatives from all departments within the Belediye.

He announced that, almost exactly one year on from the last local elections, Fethiye Council had repaid much of its borrowings but, due to the current global economic crisis, the Belediye budget has been cut for the 2010 year.

In 2009 the total budget was 46.66 million TL but for 2010 this has been reduced to 43.65 million TL.

He also promised that current projects would be completed during the coming year, and these include the creation of a shopping/leisure complex on the site of the wholesale fruit and vegetable market.

Meteorite Lands Near Fethiye

And a small meteorite fell about a kilometre outside Eldirek one evening claim a local couple.

The couple who live in the village watched the ‘burning sphere’ fall and said they felt the ground shake when it hit, and saw the ensuing small fire blaze up then die away.

They were too frightened to go out looking for the site that night, but went out early the next morning and quickly located an area of burnt grass in a field currently lying fallow.

There is no report of them finding any traces of the actual meteorite.

Perhaps someone else got there before them?

Earthquake Training Realistic

Dramatic scenes this week when the local branch of AKUT (the Search and Rescue Organisation) staged an earthquake rescue scenario in the grounds of the State Hospital.

Members of the press were taken with the performance of a young woman volunteer, actually a member of the hospital staff, who was pulled out from under ‘wreckage’ and commenced to scream and sob as her rescuers helped her to ‘safety’.

“It was like a scene from a film” said one observer.

Seriously, as we live in an earthquake zone, we should be grateful local services do seem concerned to keep their skills up to date.

Police Celebrate Anniversary

And 2nd April saw the beginning of national ‘Police Week’ which marks the fact that the police forces in Turkey were set up on 10th April 1845 and this year celebrate their 165th anniversary.

All police buildings will be sporting flags and portraits of Atatürk, and there will other events during the week at various points around the town.

Suicide Tragedy

Finally a very sad story.

A local woman, Emine Sipahi, mother of 5 children living apart from her husband, took out a loan to pay for her eldest son to go to the dershane.

Dershane are learning centres that people pay for here to ensure their children will complete high school education/ pass university entrance exams.

Emine failed to repay her loan and went to jail for debt.

Her eldest son Soner (18) arranged to sell the family house to pay off the debt and get his mother out of jail.

He found a buyer and moved his four younger siblings into cheap, rented accommodation.

Then the buyer changed his mind at the last minute and decided not to buy the property.

Soner hanged himself from the grape arbour at the back of the house.