One resident wonders where all the post is going and asks for your help to get the problem resolved.

Last night I looked up at the sky and wondered if there was a black hole up there with all the letters and parcels for Fethiye floating around.

I would hate to become an expat moaner complaining about aspects of life in Turkey, as every one knows I have had the happiest years of my life living here. However, the post is a real problem, which affects quite a number of people including myself.

I have had no post in my post office box for four weeks, which is unusual as I share my post box with a friend who is an avid writer and receives lots of mail. Their post has not arrived and my pension cheques that are sent from the UK to my bank have gone missing too!

I have had only one missing pension cheque before in over seven years. I heard that many other people are in the same situation with missing letters and parcels. Not being a person who can just wait for something to happen I decided to take action.

I marched along to see the director (Müdür) at the post office and he was surprised to hear my story. I also told him that the person in charge at the bus station PTT had been very rude to people and shouted at them when they went to ask there.

I think the only plan of action has to be an official letter with lots of signatures so there can be some investigation. A similar thing happened about fifteen years ago and it nearly became a court case but the post did improve afterwards.

I am prepared to be involved in this matter but need some help and ideas regarding collection of signatures. I did mention an official letter with signatures to the post office director, being an eternal optimist hoped the post might suddenly appear again!

Maybe signatures could be collected from places where people meet up, restaurants, cafes and quiz nights. So anyone who wishes to help or has something to say on the matter, please get in touch with me. My email address is or telephone mobile 0543 691 9983.

Anita Aşar