Our popular local news round up for the week.

Grave Story

Mehmet Şahin a 36-year-old cleaner with Fethiye Council went into the Devlet Hospital this week when his weight hit 300kg (that’s just over 47 stone for all our British readers).

He died in the hospital and there wasn’t a coffin big enough, so they wheeled him to his grave on the hospital bed he had died on.

Strawberry Catches Hash Crook

And the master drug sniffing dog ‘Strawberry’ got another result.

Acting on information received, Fethiye Police’ Drugs Squad stopped a bus as it was leaving the bus station for Antalya.

In seat 36 Strawberry sniffed out a container of tomato puree within which was hidden 350gm of hashish.

You can’t fool Strawberry with tomatoes.

The occupant of seat 36 was duly arrested and charged.

Fridge Fire Ends in Tears

Fire broke out in an apartment in 318 Sokak in Taşyaka, a neighbour saw smoke and phoned for the fire service.

They had to climb in over the balcony as the apartment’s owners were out at work, but they quickly put out the fire which had started in the kitchen.

In fact it had started in the fridge and spread to ruin the whole kitchen plus cause smoke damage to other rooms.

When the owner returned he apparently burst into tears.

Officials Arrested Over Alleged Property Frauds

Whilst the vast majority of what is written on this page concerns Fethiye, today we are including Bodrum in our news snippets because there is such a juicy scandal going on there at the moment.

The Director of the Bodrum Tapu office was arrested a couple of weeks ago and now faces corruption charges alongside many of his staff.

Indeed this week it was announced that a total of 28 more people have been arrested including the head of Bodrum Council’s Zabita, 3 policemen and 1 district muhtar.

This brings the overall total to 37 arrests.

When announcing these figures, the Governor of Muğla went on to say that the corruption in the Tapu office had gone unnoticed for so long because they operated manual systems there……………the same systems which are still in use in Milas and Fethiye.

We presume the Fethiye office is currently putting its house in order before the auditors move on from Bodrum.

Ölüdeniz Jetty Latest

Remember last year when it was announced a jetty would be built on Belcekız beach in Ölüdeniz, and then nothing happened?

The jetty, it is planned, will make it safer for tourists to embark and disembark from the popular boat trips that currently land passengers on the beach..

Well the energetic Governor of Muğla visited the beach this week and told the press, “There will be a jetty before the end of 2010.”

But the projects submitted so far are working out too costly hence the delay.

Power Cut

Power was cut to the area on Sunday so that the electricity company could carry out essential maintenance on the grid.

Transformers were checked and topped up with cooling oil for the coming hot season.

The power was planned to come back on at 4pm but it actually came back on in central Fethiye at 2:25pm.

Judging by the crowds out and about most people made the most of the power cut by going out and enjoying the wonderful sunny spring day.