Eye checks carried out on 120 children in and around Fethiye funded by local charity EMBRACE and coordinated by FETAV have resulted in six children being diagnosed with serious sight threatening conditions.

The eye checks were carried out by local eye specialists at the state hospital in Fethiye and six children, a high incidence, were identified to have issues so serious that they require urgent surgery in a specialist eye hospital in Antalya.

A further 180 children will be checked this month bringing the total to 300 children.

The checks have also identified many children who need glasses essential if they are to read their books and follow lessons.

FETAV and other benefactors including Cem Optik of Fethiye are helping to part fund the costs of glasses where the parents of the children do not have national insurance.

The idea for the checks came from local charity EMBRACE who were concerned that poor eye sight in children is a considerable hindrance to their academic achievements.

The eye doctors at the local state hospital thanked EMBRACE for their generous and invaluable contribution to the project and to children’s health.