The first signs that spring has arrived are all around the area.

The warm March weather has awoken Mother Nature in and around Fethiye.

Wild flowers are poking their heads through the soil and some are now in full bloom encouraging busy bees to collect the abundant pollen.

The trees are also quietly joining in with the protected Gunluk trees sprouting their fresh new leaves.

Pollen now fills the air and the tell tale yellow deposits are coating every surface triggering a cleaning frenzy around the town.

The pollen, sometimes mistaken by visitors as pollution, is also collecting in the sea creating yellow slicks.

But other signs that spring has sprung are a bit noisier.

Frogs living in the various streams, ponds and rivers are croaking day and night.

And the tortoises, now awoken from their winter hibernation, are keeping busy too and the country air is currently filled with the sound of clacking shells as the tortoises take part in their unique spring mating rituals.


It’s a great time to be here, unless that is you suffer from Hay fever.