, a low cost airline company who fly to Dalaman in the holiday season, are looking to drive down the cost of fuel consumption with newly designed, light-weight seats on board their Boeing 757’s fleet of jets.

The launch of the new streamlined seats, which are thought to enhance customer comfort as well as save space due to an ergonomically designed shape, coincided with the arrival of’s planes at the company base at East Midlands airport.

The light-weight seats are expected to shave 500 kilos off an average 229-seat Boeing 757 which means the company should be able to reduce flight costs for customers as less fuel will be consumed on flights.

One aircraft seat manufacturer Recaro claims every kilogram of weight saved shaves between 300USD and 800USD from an airlines annual costs. So a 500 kilogram reduction in weight could save the company as much as 400,000USD per year (266,000 GBP).

The new seats will also create more legroom which will come as a welcome bonus to many passengers.

Managing director Ian Doubtfire said: “The seating is a great in-road for us and will make a huge difference both to customer experience and fuel consumption – meaning that we can save our customers money and reduce environmental impact at the same time.”

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