In this weeks round of the local news Fethiye Mayor seeks funding to clean up the bay, famous holiday makers to Muğla named and the circus was in town.



Mayor Seeks Funding to Clean up of the Bay

Fethiye’s Mayor, Behçet Saatci, announced his proposal for tackling a major cleanup of the waters in Fethiye Bay.

He pointed out that the town of Fethiye itself was not solely responsible for pollution in the Bay.

Rivers from as far away as Nif and Kemer eventually carried pollution into the Bay and much of it emanated from land owned by the Forestry Commission.

Hence the Mayor wants to meet with the Minister of the Environment and Forests to agree a budget for the cleanup, and he expects the Ministry to contribute significantly.

Famous Visitors Named to Promote Area for Holidays

Someone must have spent considerable time going through hotel guest records for Muğla recently as this week a list of the ‘famous’ people who came to the province for holidays last year was published.

It includes the President and Prime Minister of Turkey; the President of Azerbaijan; the Prime Minister of Syria (with his wife); Real Madrid footballer Ronaldo; owner of Chelsea football team Roman Abramovich; Latin singer Shakira; 17 Turkish government ministers; 73 ex-government ministers; 2 Arab sheikhs and 11 ‘international businessmen’.

What’s their definition of ‘famous’ we ask ourselves?

The Circus Was in Town

The circus was in town over the weekend and 1,500 ‘successful’ students from local schools were given free tickets.

We didn’t go to see the show but if any readers did and have photos please let us know.

According to the press one of the highlights was the snakes, including a 3-metre, 75kg python – now you know why we didn’t go!