The latest creative venture from the Ovacik Art House has seen ex-pat Ovacik residents learning traditional Turkish folk songs and now the group will perform on national TV.

As we reported a few weeks ago a group of ex-pats in Ovacik near Fethiye have been learning traditional Turkish songs.

The venture is the latest idea of Coskun Karabulut, the Director of the Sanat Evi (or Art House) in Ovacik, under the auspices of Oludeniz Council.

Originally it was an extension of the Turkish language class at the Sanat Evi but because of the media interest the group have received invitations to perform.

Unfortunately, due to some members being out of the country or unable to travel out of the area due to responsibilities, or busy with builders, the members able to accept this has dwindled to 3!

Nevertheless, on Monday these three (actually a remnant of the dance group Jenny, Shirley and David) will set off for Istanbul for a television appearance.

The program is called Akşama Doğru and is on every week-night on TV8 between 5 and 7 in the evening.

The programme is hosted by Nükhet Duru, pitured above, who is a famous and long established Turkish singer, and the programme has been called the Turkish Martha as it usually includes interviews, singers and a cookery session.

As far as the three singers know they will be performing two songs which they have been practising over the last few weeks but experience has taught them to expect anything!

They will be live on the programme on Tuesday evening sometime between 5 and 7pm and we wish them well.