In this weeks round up of the local news Göcek Belediye demolishes illegal properties, mother and baby die from carbon monoxide poisoning and man pounds the streets to find missing daughter and children.


Council Knocks Down Illegal Builds

Göcek Belediye demolished six houses in the town which were built without planning permission.

Apparently the demolition passed off peacefully after a squad of Jandarma were called in to cordon off the site.

Silent Killer Claims Two

Sad news from Çamköy this week where a 31-year-old woman and her 15-month-old son died from carbon monoxide poisoning from their stove.

Her husband had gone out to watch a football match with friends and returned to find his wife and child dead on the living room floor.

Officials warned about the dangers of burning coal in stoves without sufficient ventilation.

Following post mortems in Izmir the bodies were returned to Fethiye, and mother and son were buried side by side on Saturday.

Missing Daughter Sought

And if you’ve seen a worried-looking Turkish man wearing home-made sandwich boards this week, he is searching for his missing daughter and her two children.

Apparently his daughter,Kader Bakır, lives in Denizli and left the house with her two kids, one aged 3 months, the other 3 years, a week ago and hasn’t been seen since.

Her father, Ahmet Sucu, has spent the week walking the streets of towns and villages between Fethiye and Denizli searching for his daughter and grandchildren.

So far he has had no luck.