In this weeks round of the local news hash stash found in local prison, Fethiye tops the birth tables, small fire delays opening of a local supermarket, health students struck by lunchtime chow down, cops cash in on dodgy drivers and more stats reveal business trends.



Hash Stash Found In Prison

A routine search of Fethiye Prison this week led to the discovery of a small quantity of hashish concealed on the person of one prisoner.

Other prisoners and one guard are now being questioned.

Fethiye Tops Baby Tables

They do like issuing statistics in this country (a hangover from Ottoman days) and this week the Regional Director of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Muğla published his annual numbers for 2009.

In Muğla as a whole there were 11,356 births and 4,035 deaths during the year.

Fethiye topped the list for babies with 2,860.

The province also recorded 6,105 marriages and 1,975 divorces, with Fethiye again topping the list for weddings as 1,528 took place in the town.

Still if you are No. 1 for weddings, it would seem logical that a first place for babies will follow.

Small Fire Delays Opening of Local Supermarket

If any readers were trying to shop at Tansaş last Thursday morning and were surprised to find it closed, it was because they had had a fire in the store.

It was only a small fire, but enough to delay the shop opening until 1pm whilst staff cleaned up.

Health Students Struck by Lunchtime Chow Down

Twelve female students at the Health College in Fethiye were rushed to hospital on Friday afternoon after they’d all eaten lunch together at the same restaurant.

The girls were later all sent home and police and environmental health officials were investigating hygiene at the restaurant.

Cops Cash In on Dodgy Drivers

If you drive around Fethiye these days you must have seen the frequent police checks on driver/car documentation that are taking place.

Well the local Traffic Police are clearly on a roll, as they released a press statement last week detailing the results of their efforts.

On one day last week, in one hour, 11 – 12 noon, checks on 20 cars passing through Karaçulha resulted in fines totalling 2,440TL being paid on the spot, and five drivers being issued with summonses to appear in court.

Meanwhile police colleagues up the road were operating a radar system to catch speeding motorists and, in the same hour, they caught 21 vehicles and collected 3,380TL in fines.

A total of 5,820TL for four men working one hour is good going say we.

In fact Fethiye Traffic Police must be turning a healthy surplus and helping reduce the national debt.

Business Stats Reveal Loose Connection

And yet more annual statistics from Muğla reveal that in 2009, across the province as a whole, 10,347 new businesses were opened.

Of these 7,577 were new branches of existing concerns.

Meanwhile 6,631 businesses closed down which still leaves a net increase in business activity that ties in nicely with the increase in the population outlined earlier.