In this weeks round up of the local Fethiye news the severe winter weather continues, undercover arrest, debt collection goes wrong and two people injured in an unexplained shooting.



Severe Weather Damage

The beginning of the week was dominated by the weather when it rained and hailed to such an extent that houses were flooded in Fethiye, Dalaman and Ortaca; the main Fethiye – Göcek road was closed for a time after a rock fall, and growers in Kumluova saw their tunnels and greenhouses damaged by hail and flooded, when irrigation channels burst their banks.

The hail was particularly vicious in this area with the storm lasting a whole half hour.

The Mayor of Kumluova, Alim Karaca, told the press that his Council keep the irrigation channels clean but the sheer volume of rain that fell still meant the channels overflowed and many tunnels and greenhouses were flooded.

“We have a total of 5,000sq.m of tunnels and greenhouses” he said “of which no less than 3,000 were damaged by the storm on Sunday night.”

Freak Weather but No Loss of Life

And the freak weather continued, with so much rain falling on Tuesday in Kayaköy, that the valley was turned into a lake and local farmers feared for their recently planted crops.

By Wednesday the Governor of Muğla was promising help to those affected by the freak weather but, as he so rightly pointed out, no lives were lost and that was a blessing.

Undercover Arrest

A Turkish man was arrested this week following a tip off to police that he was procuring customers for two prostitutes living in his apartment in Foca Mahalle.

The two women, both from Georgia, were surprised when a policeman posed as a customer before arrests were made.

Sounds like stuff we used to read in the News of the World!

Debt Collection Goes Wrong

A young woman who had been working in one of Fethiye’s ‘dershane’ (private schools for those who have left school and wish to prepare for the university entrance exam) gave in her notice and left, but was owed 800TL in pay by the school.

When the money had still not arrived three weeks later her fiance, a professional soldier with the rank of first lieutenant, together with her older brother, a sergeant in the army, went to the dershane to collect her back pay.

According to the owner of the school, the two men, dressed in civilian clothes, burst into his office where two other teachers were also present, and proceeded to make verbal and physical threats.

The police were called and investigations are proceeding – doesn’t look good for their future military careers.

Two Injured in Unexplained Shooting

And the week ended with another inexplicable act of violence.

Two university students, Muhammet Dikmen (24) and Ilker Türker (21) were walking home along 580 Sokak in Tuzla when a car with Antalya plates drew up alongside them.

The driver, 59-year-old Hasgül Yağmur, began chatting with the students then suddenly produced a gun from his car and fired five shots at them.

Muhammet was hit in the chest and hand, Ilker in the arm.

Local residents, hearing gun shots, called the police and ambulance while the car quickly drove away.

The young men were taken to hospital where it transpired their wounds were not serious.

The driver was apprehended and arrested within ten minutes but, as we write, has still not been able to explain his actions.