Yesterday we included a snippet in our roundup of local news items about British residents learning Turkish traditional songs at the Ovacık Art House.

This venture is in its’ very early infancy and has developed from the Turkish language classes taking place there.

The group have been learning some songs and have been having a go at including some dancing once confidence grows. Who knows what the future holds?

Turkish news agencies have spun this item and already crews have been to the Art House to film and interview the Brits as they practise.

Most national, as well as local, television, radio and newspapers have run with this.

The quote from one of these newspapers which we included in our article was not, in fact made by David Groom, and he has asked us if we would correct this, they quote him saying that singing is harder than dancing, he actually thinks singing is far easier than dancing!

If anyone is interested in joining this group they could go along to the Art House in Ovacık on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12 midday.