In this weeks round up of the local news wood thief caught, cold affects growers, ID thieves remanded school thieves arrested, local Brits Learn to Sing in Turkish, Fethiye Mayor Calls for Better Hotels and much more.

Hot Fuel

Recent cold weather has led to yet another arrest for selling wood stolen from the Orman Bakanlığı (Turkish Forestry Commission).

A 30-year-old unemployed man from a village just outside Fethiye was arrested and charged when he tried to sell stolen wood from his truck in Patlangıç.

Cold Affects Harvest

And more cold weather woes……the recent cold weather has meant major problems for Fethiye’s growers.

Not only do they have to burn stoves all night to prevent produce from being affected by frost, the fruit and vegetables are also ripening slower so that, instead of picking crops ready for export every 2 – 3 days, they are struggling to pick once per week.

Local growers in Fethiye regularly send produce by container truck to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus amongst other destinations.

Normally they fill several trucks each day but lately have only been managing to fill one truck every three days.

ID Thieves Remanded

Identity theft has hit Fethiye – but it would seem only Turkish identities are being stolen. Police charged two men this week who were using forged/stolen Turkish ID cards to obtain bank loans and credit cards.

They had actually acquired 23,000TL and 13 credit cards when they appeared before the court.

They were remanded in custody.

More Arrests

Following a series of break ins at local schools over the past few weeks, during which money and goods from the schools’ canteens along with pupils personal belongings were stolen, two men were arrested this week.

Local Brits Learn to Sing in Turkish

The Ovacık Art House hit the local news agencies when it introduced its new singing group to the press.

Seven members of the local British community are now learning to sing in Turkish.

David Groom, a veteran of the English group who performed Turkish folk dances and now a member of the singers, told press “Singing is harder than dancing”.

We’ll certainly let you know when they are to make their first public performance.

Fethiye Mayor Calls for Better Hotels

The Mayor of Fethiye announced this week that there is an urgent need for more, high quality hotel accommodation in Fethiye.

He said “We have four holiday villages and not one five star hotel. We need to value tourism and provide appropriate facilities.”

Fethiye Still a Hot Spot for Brits Buying Property

The Tapu office issued its report of activity during 2009 when 100 foreign owners sold their properties.

The majority were bought by Turks, but another 369 foreigners (70% of them British) became new owners in Fethiye.

The Office claimed the owners selling were doing so because they were victims of the ‘credit crunch’.

Council Cuts and Distributes

Fethiye Belediye’s workers have been busy pruning trees all over town, and this week the results of their efforts, a total of almost 26 tons of wood, were handed out to the needy.

The local equivalent of the ‘winter heating allowance’ no less.

Green Cross Code

Did you know that there are 72 villages and 12 ‘belde’ (kind of a mini belediye running a big village, Çiftlik is a ‘belde’) all ‘belonging to’ Fethiye in overall administrative terms?

Well, yet another outcome of the traffic consultancy undertaken last year, is that all pupils in these 84 outlying communities will now receive training on how to behave in city traffic.

We may chuckle at this but the village wing knows that many of the children in Yanıklar village, even some teenagers, have never yet set foot in Fethiye.

However, whilst training school children could be laudable, especially if it means they all get an exciting free trip to Fethiye, we think village drivers would also benefit from some training.